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Why are you hesitating to outsource your payroll? The number one reason is that no one likes to CHANGE! It’s scary to hand over one of the most important functions of any business.

We understand that fear, and we want to do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition to our firm. Our specialists will work closely with you to make this transition one of the best business decisions you have ever made!

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All employees are workers, but not all workers are employees. Without a doubt, worker misclassification is one of the most common sins of payroll. I’ve found that it is quite often done out of desire to accommodate a worker’s wishes rather than an attempt to circumvent payment of employment taxes. Unfortunately, the intent to help a person out does not negate the potential for penalties. (9/15/2014)
This is the first of a series of blogs titled The Seven Deadly Sins of Payroll. The first sin is not having a disaster plan for payroll. It is absolutely critical to have a solid plan for your payroll in the event of a disastrous event. Your employees depend on those funds to feed their family, pay their mortgage, etc. (7/21/2014)
By going with a local payroll company, you are guaranteeing yourself and your community several advantages. (7/2/2014)

Complete Payroll Services is locally owned and based in Little Rock, Arkansas. CPS offers payroll, timekeeping, and human resources to companies in all 50 states, and we can help almost every size and type of company benefit from payroll outsourcing. Our experienced team includes two Certified Payroll Professionals – so you can be confident that we stay abreast of the latest tax changes and technological advances.