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Why are you hesitating to outsource your payroll? The number one reason is that no one likes to CHANGE! It’s scary to hand over one of the most important functions of any business.

We understand that fear, and we want to do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition to our firm. Our specialists will work closely with you to make this transition one of the best business decisions you have ever made!

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In most businesses, employees work for wages paid at regular intervals. But in many service-oriented entities, employees receive much, sometimes nearly all, of their income in the form of tips, or gratuities. But that doesn't mean this income is tax free — which is why the IRS has outlined special rules in Topic 761 - Tips - Withholding and Reporting. (10/21/2016)
Firing employees is never easy. They may have violated your company's code of conduct and need to be escorted out immediately. They may be very good people but just incapable of handling the work and stress of the job. Whatever the case, there is a sticky issue of how to handle their final paycheck. The laws regarding this vary from state to state, so if you have any questions, definitely do your research. Here are some things to keep in mind. (10/14/2016)
While most people try to get along in an office, there will always be those who have trouble seeing eye to eye. But for better or worse, workers in an office are stuck with each other, and they may even have to spend more time with one another than they do with their own families. (10/5/2016)

Complete Payroll Services is locally owned and based in Little Rock, Arkansas. CPS offers payroll, timekeeping, and human resources to companies in all 50 states, and we can help almost every size and type of company benefit from payroll outsourcing. Our experienced team includes two Certified Payroll Professionals – so you can be confident that we stay abreast of the latest tax changes and technological advances.