Let Complete Payroll Services offer you our fully integrated 401 solution, whether you are starting a new plan or rolling one over! We have endless benefits for both participants and employees.

Participant Benefits:

  • Make payroll deferral changes from your Employee Portal
  • Change investment option easily
  • Easy to understand “Years of Retirement” to know how much you have saved
  • Proactive Notifications about Participants’ Retirement account

Employer Benefits:

  • 360 Degree Integration with Payroll
  • Deferral Changes and Contributions automatically submitted
  • Low Cost to the Employer and Employee
  • Accurate Plan Administration
  • Flexible Plan Design
  • Work with any local Financial Advisor you prefer
  • All Plan Administration and Record keeping taken care of

Small businesses that integrate their payroll and 401(k) can save 4 to 5 hours per payroll period, which is over 100 hours per year!