Exciting Changes For CPS

“By staying abreast of the latest payroll trends, technology, and legislation, we continue to improve ourselves, our service, and our clients.” This sentence comes straight from our mission statement and is what I always have on my mind when making any decisions that affect our clients. We recently completed a thorough evaluation of our payroll software platform. After much research and many discussions, we decided that there was another option that would give us a more substantial platform with an improved interface – which translates into a better client experience and a higher level of service.

That option is called PlatinumPay. From the first time we saw a demonstration of the software, we knew it was the way to go. For most, it would just be a normal software demo, but for us Payroll Nerds, it was an eye opening experience into what we could offer our clients. We recently finalized everything and plan on transitioning the first set of clients to the software in July.

We want you to have an idea of the advancements we are making, so here are a few of the exciting features ….